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2021 UN-Gala

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2020 was a year of zooming and virtual gatherings. Trek Thru Truth, Cleveland’s emerging children’s museum, held its third annual gala, as a ‘closed event’… Read More »2021 UN-Gala

Escape Rooms Engage Families with the Bible

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With Biblical literacy being at an all time low in the nation, TTT is working with exhibit designers and educators to create encounters that allow visitors to link together the accounts of the Bible as they take a “trek thru truth.”

Trek Thru Truth Positioned as a designation

The upcoming biblical museum Trek Thru Truth has a wide array of supporters in the community, including the Cleveland Bradley County Chamber of Commerce, which hopes to see swathes of interested tourists flocking to Cleveland to see the country’s newest attraction upon completion.

Trek Thru Truth to host showing of “Breakthrough”

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Christian films are often rare sights at movie theaters, but an upcoming one, “Breakthrough” has attracted 190 viewers to AMC Theaters for a special, early showing on Saturday, April 6, hosted by the planned interactive Bible museum Trek Thru Truth.

The Veil/ Creation of Glory

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“The Veil: Creation of Glory,” the Broadway-style musical ballet centered around the world’s creation and God’s involvement throughout, is scheduled for its seventh annual showing Saturday and Sunday, at the Conn Center.

Simply Chic is sponsor of Trek Thru Truth

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Christel Hudgins, owner of Simply Chic Boutique, is using her locally owned, faith-based business as a sponsor of the upcoming biblical interactive museum, Trek Thru Truth, to promote the shared values surrounding Jesus Christ.