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2021 UN-Gala

    2020 was a year of zooming and virtual gatherings.

    Trek Thru Truth, Cleveland’s emerging children’s museum, held its third annual gala, as a ‘closed event’ on its website, on Sunday, September 27, 2020. This year’s gala was TTT’s first virtual gala. The theme ‘Waymaker’ was Introduced through an amazing multi-sensory presentation of the song featuring Talian Ross on keyboard with Christyn Ross and MaeLee Lemley providing vocals. Kathy Coker elegantly signed throughout the piece while Unity Dance Troupe provided an original dance featuring dancers – Lauren Leggett, Grace Barham, Sydney Gobble, & Madison VanHook, under the direction of Austin and Alexis Burleson.

    At the 2020 Virtual Gala, an image of the TTT Petting Zoo and Aviary was revealed. The concept development for this portion of the new children’s museum was made possible by a VECustomer Share Grant and Bradley County 4-H. TTT is excited to offer animals from each of the 4-H Project Areas where families and students can see the types of opportunities and to learn about the size, types, foods, and care required for each animal prior to selecting a project.

    An example sign prototype was also developed with this 3-D rendering by Jonathan Martin with JMC Museum Arts. It will include images of the animal and their ‘tracks’ as well as data and fun facts.

    In addition to each of the animals from 4-H, the aviary and petting zoo will feature many other birds, animals, insects, etc. in the ‘Tracks Thru Truth’ exhibit.

    The aviary and petting zoo will be developed within the footprint of a life-size Noah’s Ark. A small portion of the ark construction will house biblical exhibits and the third floor restaurant. A portion of ark framing will provide the framework for the aviary enclosure. The remaining length of the ark will be the one-story animal shelters and viewing areas for visitors to enjoy a list of animals from A to Z.

    Thank you again to VECustomers Share and Bradley County 4-H for this opportunity to partner with local and state organizations in this one-of-a-kind children’s museum for our region.

    The 2020 TTT Virtual Gala also included the first online silent auction.

    2020 was a year of change, a year of flexibility, and a year of reflection and looking ahead.

    Where are your eyes focused? Many of you have joined the Trek Thru Truth vision by giving to this year’s UN-Gala. If you haven’t given yet, Visit and click GIVE today.

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