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Trek Thru Truth to host showing of “Breakthrough”

    This article originally ran in the Cleveland Daily Banner on April 3, 2019

    Christian films are often rare sights at movie theaters, but an upcoming one, “Breakthrough” has attracted 190 viewers to AMC Theaters for a special, early showing on Saturday, April 6, hosted by the planned interactive Bible museum Trek Thru Truth.

    “Breakthrough” is set for release on April 17, but Trek Thru Truth founder Doug Caywood was able to secure an early screening of the film. He did this by meeting the 20th Century Fox team and expressing interest in a screening, which the team was more than happy to provide.

    Directed by National Basketball Association superstar Stephen Curry, the film is based on a true story, and centers around young John Smith (Marcel Ruiz), who fell through ice on a frozen lake near the town of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, while playing with friends. He was put into a coma after being rescued. The film follows his parents Joyce (Chrissy Metz) and Brian (Josh Lucas), whose faith in God keeps their hope alive that John will pull through.

    “We had met part of the Fox production crew who had a booth at the Church of God of Prophecy’s assembly last summer. We got on their mailing list as a nonprofit, and they offer pre-showings for churches and nonprofits,” Caywood said.

    The event is being held at the AMC Bradley Square 12 theater in Bradley Square Mall. Caywood invited all of the Trek Thru Truth board members and their families, the donors, all members of Caywood’s church — Samples Memorial Baptist Church — and the local Christian schools. 

    In addition to the movie, those attending the screening will also get to see an all-new promotional video for the upcoming Bible museum before the film’s start.

    According to Caywood, “Breakthrough” is expected to be the No. 1 faith-based movie of the year, and after meeting the film’s production crew and reading the film’s intros, he thought it would be a good way to show theaters that consumers want to see more films like it.

    “We absolutely blew away the AMC manager when we went to get tickets,” Caywood said laughingly.

    He added since the movie is a true story, it will no doubt aid the film’s production quality. Caywood believes there is a bigger push for Christian movies to be carried by mainstream theaters.

    “Movies are getting so far to the other end of the spectrum that there’s more of a push from churches and families to see Christian movies or movies just good for your family,” Caywood said. “We’ve even had some people asking us if we can move the date of this screening, because they’ll be out of town on that day; but the date is firmly set for April 6.”

     “Breakthrough” goes over the personal stories and doubts of a group and displays how the Bible can be applied to everyday life, just like it was for Jonah or Noah or the 12 apostles.

    Caywood believes the film will display faith’s power, and show you don’t have to be living in biblical times to get a response from God.

    As of now, the event is sold out, since all RSVPs had to be submitted by March 29.

    Volunteers are always needed, and to find out more, check out the museum’s Facebook page, its website at or call 423-665-9229.