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Escape Rooms Engage Families with the Bible

    This article originally ran in Good News Magazine on July 2019

    In today’s age of technology and the varied engagement of our children’s minds, Trek Thru Truth is encompassing a wide variety of interactivity in museum exhibit designs, including art, music, and drama, while incorporating elements that engage each of the five senses. With Biblical literacy being at an all time low in the nation, TTT is working with exhibit designers and educators to create encounters that allow visitors to link together the accounts of the Bible as they take a “trek thru truth.”

    While enjoying elements such as the cultures, languages, professions, transportation, currencies, and food of that time period, visitors will be engage in hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling components of the biblical accounts. As the 52 exhibits are being developed, four of those biblical accounts have been expanded into escape room concepts. According to Wikipedia, “An escape room, also known as an ‘escape game,’ is a mental and physical adventure based game [sic] in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.” 

    The stories of the Israelites spies, Jonah and the big fish, Daniel and the lions den, and Paul and Silas in jail are the accounts that have been developed through the conceptual design phase. JMC Museum Arts is the nationally known design firm that is working with Trek Thru Truth on this unique feature as a part of this one-of-a-kind museum. 

    Have you or your family experienced an escape room before? Would you like to step into the role of a spy, explore the belly of a fish, be thrown into a den of lions, or try to escape from the prison cell during an earthquake? These actual encounters will allow visitors to have memorable experiences of their travel through the Bible while they store away details about context and linking periods and people of the Bible together.
    For more information on Trek Thru Truth, visit the website at and the Trek Thru Truth Facebook page.