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Our Exhibits

Trek Thru Truth will tell 52+ Bible Accounts through interactive exhibits and activities for children and provide an interactive journey through the Bible, a one-of-a-kind experience in the nation. Below are some of the artist renderings from our upcoming exhibits:

Our exhibits will feature hands-on activities, allowing each visitor to explore and dig deeper into the original adventures, families, sports, wars, friendships, occupations, clothing, geography, architecture and more from the Bible. We are working with some of the best designers as a part of the project. Learn more about our design team here.

Below is a full list of exhibits. The exhibits titles that are highlighted have more detailed information for you to see.

Planned Exhibits

Old Testament

  1. Creation – Adam and Eve
  2. Noah’s Ark
  3. Tower of Babel
  4. Abraham and Isaac
  5. Jacob and Esau
  6. Jacob’s Ladder
  7. Joseph – Life Story
  8. Baby Moses in a Basket
  9. Moses – Burning Bush
  10. Moses and Plagues
  11. Moses – Parting of the Red Sea
  12. Moses – Ten Commandments
  13. Israelite Journey
  14. Balaam’s Donkey
  15. Rahab
  16. Joshua and the Walls of Jericho
  17. Gideon
  18. Judges – Deborah
  19. Samson – Strength
  20. Ruth
  21. David and Goliath
  22. David and Jonathan – Friendship
  23. Elijah fed by Ravens
  24. Widow’s Oil and Meal
  25. Elijah’s altar and cloud
  26. Josiah
  27. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
  28. Writing on the Wall
  29. Daniel and the Lion’s Den
  30. Nehemiah
  31. Jonah and the Big Fish

New Testament

  1. Jesus’ Birth
  2. Jesus’ Baptism
  3. Jesus Heals Leper
  4. Parable of the Sower
  5. Peter Walks on Water
  6. Jesus Calms the Storm
  7. Jarius’ Daughter
  8. Good Samaritan
  9. Prodigal Son
  10. Zacchaeus
  11. Jesus turns water to wine
  12. Samaritan Woman at the Well
  13. Jesus Feeds 5000
  14. Jesus and Lazarus
  15. Thomas
  16. Jesus’ Crucifixion
  17. Jesus’ Resurrection
  18. Jesus Taken Up Into Heaven
  19. Saul’s Conversion to Paul
  20. Paul and Silas in Jail
  21. The Return of Christ

Planned Temporary Exhibits

  1. Professions in the Bible
  2. Music in the Bible
  3. Bugs in the Bible
  4. Animals in the Bible
  5. Birds in the Bible
  6. Transportation in the Bible
  7. Sports in the Bible
  1. Armies/Wars in the Bible
  2. Money in the Bible
  3. Astronomy in the Bible
  4. Architecture in the Bible
  5. Education in the Bible
  6. Medicine in the Bible
  7. Cooking in the Bible