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Forever Remembered

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    ‘Forever Remembered’ – This special exhibit will be a feature element for TREK THRU TRUTH. This exhibit will be a way for local Bradley County and Cleveland families or friends who have lost children (from birth to age 25) to share their story by providing a sponsorship as well as providing memorabilia about those precious ones to be displayed in the memory exhibit.  This facility will become a living part of this community that will not only share the heritage of those throughout the Bible but also share the heritage of those children from our community who cannot experience this extraordinary facility.  

    Through a sponsorship in their name, the children will be a part of providing a unique facility for children that will serve smiling faces for many years to come.  The central element will be a monumental tree in which each child’s name will be displayed on a windchime.  The dramatic and colorful tree will not only be constantly alive and moving but it will also be full of different sounds from each of the unique windchimes.  As each child is represented, this will symbolize how special each child is.

    Each family will need to provide the child’s full name, birth/death date, a short paragraph describing the child, a longer story or narrative about the child that could be compiled in a ‘Forever Remembered’ storybook, and one to two small items that may be displayed with the child’s photo(i.e. sports item, piece of clothing, small blanket, etc.).  The short paragraph would be used in the main display with the photo and memorabilia.

    This exhibit and the stories that go along with it will be a way to remember the children but also will be a ministry to families for years to come as they can see the importance of a child’s life and see a glimpse of the emotions and feelings that families go through during those losses.  The stories and scriptures will focus on many aspects of the emotions and feelings such as love, grief, loss, forgiveness, and so many more.  

    The ‘Forever Remembered’ stories will show the diverse ways of loss, the various ages, the struggles, the illnesses, the tragedies and more.  So many families will be ministered to through this in knowing what other families have experienced and how they have dealt with those losses and the testimonies of how God and His Word have comforted them and continue to do so.